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A great free magazine that addresses all facets of quality, including metrology, Six Sigma, TQM, inspection, testing, SPC, software and international standards, such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and QS-9000. Quality Digest may offer more editorial coverage of these standards than any other quality magazine.  Check out their Quality Links page for anything you can’t seem to find on the CAPAtrak website.
Quality Digest PhotoText Box: Quality Magazine
This free magazine reports on the use of sound metrology methods, statistical analysis and process improvement techniques to significantly improve quality on the shop floor and in manufacturing planning.  Now available in electronic format, as well.  This is for the hands-on quality world.  Manufacturing environments are emphasized.
Quality Magazine PhotoText Box: Elsmar Cove
This is probably the longest-standing open discussion board on Quality topics I’ve ever encountered.  Many well-respected Quality Practitioners frequent and manage the various discussion boards.  The site also provides access to hundreds of files and links to help people address their concerns.  Definitely worth exploring.
Elsmar Cove Photo - AnimatedText Box: American Society for Quality
The largest and most well-recognized organization for quality professionals in the United States and, possibly, in the world.  ASQ has been in existence for over 60 years.  ASQ Certifications are sought after by employers and Certified ASQ professionals average significantly higher levels of income than their uncertified counterparts.  ASQ publishes an annual salary report, every winter.
American Society for Quality LogoText Box: Baldrige National Quality Award
The Baldrige Award is intended to be given by the President of the United States to businesses—manufacturing and service, small and large—and to education and health care organizations that apply and are judged to be outstanding in seven areas: leadership; strategic planning; customer and market focus; measurement, analysis, and knowledge management; human resource focus; process management; and results.  Find out all about it via this link to the official Award website.
Malcolm Baldrige Award PhotoText Box: iSixSigma
A great website with a great eMagazine (recently available in print format) and a fantastic RSS feed.  Filled with case studies and tips for applying Lean, SixSigma and many other state-of-the-profession tools.
To subscribe to the RSS feed, click on the RSS icon to the left then on the tiny red RSS subscription block with white letters on the right hand side of the blue header for the iSixSigma website News list.
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Text Box: Text Box: Quality Assurance & Food Safety Magazine
Somewhat new to the playing field (2004), this free trade publication addresses the specific concerns of food manufacturing quality assurance professionals, sanitarians and food safety specialists with reader-driven content.  The emphasis seems to be on case studies with an eye toward understanding an meeting FDA regulations, pest controls and food supply chain safety management.
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Visit this website for Diane Kulisek’s: 
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Text Box: Quality Warrior
The Quality Warrior website features a variety of electronic media toys and learning games, links and other fun information to assist in your war against waste.
Quality Warrior LogoDiane Kulisek Blog Link PhotoText Box: LinkedIn 
A truly great website for networking with fellow professionals. You can build your own multi-national network, showcase your accomplishments for all the world to see, publicly thank your colleagues with endorsements, ask your toughest work-related questions and have expert answers in moments, share a reading list, monitor the latest news for your industry or profession, post your slide show or post your status on  Twitter.
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